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Restaurant management system and POS software for food businesses

Make your

Handle your daily restaurant operations hassle-free with POS system
Outlet types

Powerful POS System-Built for all
types of food business

The all-in-one Restaurant Management System for all
types of restaurant formats and food outlets

Food courts POS software

Food courts

Cafe POS management system


Fine dine POS software management

Fine dine

Bar & brewery POS management

Bar & brewery

Pizzeria POS food management system


QSR POS system


Desserts business POS management


Large chains food business POS management system

Large chains

Bakery business POS software


Cloud kitchens restaurent management system

Cloud kitchens

Restaurant billing software by POS Uncle

Restaurant Billing Software

Accept Orders, generate bills and KOT in easy steps.

Use the POS over laptop or Android mobile devices.

Connect to your printer, create manual bills, kitchen dashboard and what not!

Create multiple tables or delivery points.

Create coupons, discount offers and accept payments with all in one POS Uncle.

Making Restaurant Inventory Management Easy

Manage inventory smartly with POS Uncle. Choose limited stock options as well as set “orders can not be accepted” label on items when it is out of stock. Get notified with minimum stock alert, day to day inventory reports and more with POS Uncle.

Restaurant Inventory Management software by POS Uncle
Online Ordering System powered by POS Uncle

Online Ordering System to manage Online Restaurant Business

Scale your business online with POS Uncle.

simultaneously and accept orders online.

Integrate with other marketplaces like zomato, swiggy etc.

Restaurant Menu Management Software

Create customize restaurant menu, add variations, add discounted prices through POS Uncle's restaurant management software. Redefine the dine-in experience with QR based ordering and grow with contactless commerce.

Restaurant Menu Management Software by POS Uncle

All-in-One Restaurant Management System to scale your business.

Let's make it happen!

Flawless Restaurant Operations

POS Uncle streamlines operations, from orders to inventory, making restaurant management feel like a breeze. It acts as a trusty assistant that orchestrates tasks seamlessly, allowing restaurant owners and staff to focus on delivering exceptional dining experiences.

Convenient and Hassle-free

The convenience factor is twofold with POS Uncle. The software simplifies the complex tasks of managing orders and payments, making day-to-day operations convenient. Moreover, the online order integration and table reservation features enhance convenience for customers, attracting and retaining their loyalty.

Data-Driven Decision Making

With real-time reporting and analytics, POS Uncle empowers restaurant owners to make informed decisions. These insights provide a deeper understanding of business performance, enabling strategic adjustments that lead to improved profitability and growth.

Multiple integrations in single dashboard

Manage 150+ third-party integrations and services directly

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